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Wall Insulation
Wall insulation is needed on houses built before the 50's. Many homes have no insulation in the walls if constructed before 1950 and minimal insulation if constructed between the 50's and the 70's. The procedure to reinsulate walls is done from the interior or exterior of the house with little or no damage to the wall.

Attic Insulation
Attic insulation is the most important area to be upgraded in existing homes. The building code in the early seventies required only 4" in the attic (R-11). Today's requirement is up to 12" of fiberglass or 10" of cellulose. Yes, cellulose has more R-value per inch and cellulose provides 100% coverage vs. 80% coverage with fiberglass.

Garage Ceiling Insulation
Garage ceiling insulation is installed from the garage area through 1" or 2" holes. It's blown in through a tube inserted into the cavity, filling the bays to capacity. Yesterday's building codes require minimal garage ceiling insulation and no wall insulation in garage walls.

Sound Reduction
Sound reduction applies to any home with sheetrock (wallboard) walls. Today's open floor plan allows family rooms with movie size sound systems to interfere with the peace and quiet of the bedrooms. We blow cellulose between floors and into interior walls.


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